Titles - General Poetry

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Title Size   Generic Publisher Pub.
Words   Notes
A New Years Prayer 3K   Poetry General G.K. Weekly 16.1.32 Complete 201   For 1932, re road death toll.
Désirée 2K   Poetry General Vanity Fair May'28 Complete 110   Vol. 30 No. 3 page 79.
On Teaching Poetry 13K   Poetry General The Torchbearer Sep'24 Complete 1780   Article on poetry, patriotism & cultural importance.
Residue; poems (only 'Dust' traced) 2K   Poetry General   1948 Incomplete 175   Book of S.FW's poems - only 'Dust' positively identified.
Shorter Poems 0K   Poetry General Merton Press   Unavailable     Contains Some Songs of Bilitis, Lancelot & Elaine - see Ballad of Elaine & others not published.
Some Songs Of Bilitis 21K   Poetry General Poetry 1925 Complete 2020   Acknowledgement to Pierre Louys. Eastern love poems.
The Song Of Songs & Other Poems 74K   Poetry General Merton Press 1925 Complete 8030   Includes Songs of Bilitis & Song of Balochistan. Limited edition.
Sundry poems - history of not known 5K   Poetry General     Incomplete 560   New Song For Daffodils, Choice, November, ?, Life, Values, (may be 'Residue' contents).
Poems Chosen By Boys & Girls (I-IV) 15K   Poetry Basil Blackwell 1925 Preface 1401   Combined edition.
Poems Chosen by Boys & Girls (Bk I) 6K   Poetry Basil Blackwell 1923 Preface 570   Series jointly edited with R. Crompton Rhodes. Poems chosen by children.
Poems Chosen by Boys & Girls (Bk II) 6K   Poetry Basil Blackwell 1924 Preface 605    
Poems Chosen by Boys & Girls (Bk III) 6K   Poetry Basil Blackwell 1924 Preface 590    
Poems Chosen by Boys & Girls (Bk IV) 7K   Poetry Basil Blackwell 1924 Preface 635    

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